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 Dark Shadow and his realm

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PostSubject: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-02-16, 21:05

This post has been retconned, please refer to the newer post further down the page


In the very beginning, around the time leading to the Big Bang, a singularity churned in the dark, the Great Creator at its core. Everything except that point in space was void, no thoughts, anything. Then the Big Bang occurred, the Great Creator leading the first wave. As creation itself sprang up the void in its wake stirred with energy from the event. An amalgamation of the void appeared before the Great Creator, a mass of tentacles with a single solitary eye in the middle. The two stared each other down, with the amalgamation upset at this intrusion but now feeling alive. Without a word the two leave each other alone and the Great Creator guides the universe in its creation. The amalgamation picks the name Dark Shadow out as a sort of title while black holes roam the universe eating, allowed by the Great Creator for they fitted into his design. As the universe progressed Dark Shadow would find the root of time and its developing branches and quickly hid it in his domain, ensuring none may so easily effect it. One day Dark Shadow smiled as the black hole, now supermassive, in the center of a developing galaxy erupted, its pull turned into an almighty push as Hydrogen gas is blown off and entire stars are ignited while two pillars of superheated energy shoot off from the poles. This would be the first of many, many more, billions more. As life developed on a number of worlds gods began to rise in certain universes, born from a fraction of the Great Creator's power, and Dark Shadow knew this. Eventually soul-bearing species began to emerge and when the first of them died their soul worked it's way up to the Creator, and a select few timelines began making sense. If he were to skip collecting souls a newborn God could be powerful enough to oppose and conquer the void, and without its heart the void would no longer support the multiverse and keep them separate, leading to the crashing down of the multiverse as universes collide. The Great Creator will only get stronger with time, and the gods born under his watch will only be born stronger. While soul-bearing species had their minds sent to the void on death their was no real power from them, only knowledge and memories, Dark Shadow has to partake in soul harvesting if he is to safeguard the multiverse as a whole, his first intrusion came with a shard of himself,  a parasitic entity that fed on souls individually until he gained enough power and could manifest, truly beginning the harvest. The process is enjoyable to watch but was slow so Dark Shadow tried his hand at life and created an angel of death, his son. Clad entirely in metal and with four dark wings, with scythes materialized at a moment's notice and fountains of dark energy he invaded worlds, timelines, and reaped all soul-bearers to increase his father's power. By this time Dark Shadow had changed in form, a slender demon being a good way to describe it. The tentacles now only sprang from his back and ceased to be entirely solid as he grew a slender body with claws and bladed protrusions. On his head his eye became 3 and he grew a long crown, his new mouth carnivorous with lips best described as a slime to cover his mouth when closed, his eyes and internal glow now radiating a deep red. One day, a day scratched off in history, Dark Shadow's son died to a hero who embraced the Void's power to kill him. His soul parted into the hero to be reborn, the first time he's had to do this. While corrupting the hero his ultimate form twisted and bent, from an armored warrior to a beast. On his head he grew a crown of horns and his jaws split apart and regrew, his fingers elongated to claws as his wings molted and decayed away to bone. His armor rusted off as bone plates grew over his body, his teeth reshaped into predator teeth as his head elongated into a serpentine shape. Talons grew on his feet as his bone wings grew bladed tips, all the while he raged inside the hero. Upon his rebirth it was his mission to remove the hero from every timeline, if need be the timeline, only now he grew more and more powerful with every kill as their soul was split between son and father. Without falling again the hero was erased from every instance, even conception was destroyed and even their legacy. The only ones who remember the hero is the son and Dark Shadow


In the early universe the multiverse was soon born from differing circumstances and later compounded by the choices of gods and mortals. When the first soul-bearers died an imbalance was created between Dark Shadow and the Great Creator, without precautions this imbalance would be the death of Dark Shadow when a new God is born that could overpower him and ultimately bring doom to all for his arrogance. The void permeates all of reality, always behind and around it. Without its heart the void collapses in on itself, crushing the multiverse into a single universe and crushing that universe down to the singularity that it started as, undoing everything. The void holds the minds of soul-bearing species upon their death and in some regard is the greatest fountain of information, with a thick veil of madness though it'd be hard to decipher.


Science has already discovered that the universe has a limit, a limit the big bang made and expanded incomprehensibly in the moments of creation. What happens when you reach and pass this limit is unknown. The Void exists beyond this limit, effectively the barrier on a bubble and the air outside it. Each black hole inside every universe is a doorway to his realm, but in their nature they destroy all who enter, save for the rare chance of an exception, to which they're subject to the void and all the minds of the departed whispering their life stories to them in their native languages, laughing and crying as they recount their past lives unceasingly, blocking out the recipient's own thoughts with quadrillions of voices as the fallen slowly move in and kill the trespasser for unknown, depraved motives


The Skeleton
Those who see his realm often see blackened skeletons with marred skin that wander the void, eternally crazed and mad. These minions are in fact the dark side to every soul-bearing species. They are the side of people that lingers in the shadow of their conscious, they are the madness in everyone. Sometimes a special case arises and the "skeleton of their conscious" becomes something more. The skeleton that they are bulks up and changes, losing the look of a skeleton for the form of a monster. The overall appearance of the skeletons is near universal, the variable not only being what race the Skeleton belonged to, but what their arms turn out to be. Some sport the normal arms with elongated claws. Some sport fractured arms, making 6 limbs at an average high with needle like ends. A rare few have a sort of smoke weapon that begins where the elbows would be, this smoke can solidify to whatever weapon the skeleton wishes, giving it high adaptability. These minions rant the most about their past lives.
The Dark Banshee
Women driven low or otherwise snap produce a psychotic killer in their dark recesses, a tall female shadow who maintains an unnerving serenity in her demeanor until her fingers elongate to claws and she impales her victim, her mouth cracking and splitting from the ends into a jagged smile as she kills, then reforming composure after the kill. Her hair is also a long and flowing down to her legs, implying a swaying motion. This minion doesn't like being looked upon for long, especially while hunting, because of this they disappear in a puff of smoke only to reform somewhere out of sight yet significantly closer to their intended target. In most cases their intended target is the closest one to them. They bend their victims back when they impale from behind so they can enjoy the closure of death on the faces of their victim, just as they would enjoy it when they impale from the front during a last second turn around by their prey
The Brute
A man can offspring a beastial brute of their dark conscious with engorged, bladed arms ment to brutalize their targets. They act like leader beasts when in battle, leading charges in particular. But these instances are so rare one questions if they truly do lead. The varieties of their weapons include a many bladed arm(s), a long, wickedly sharp spike of an arm, or a cluster of tentacle bound claws
The Psychotic Mountain
The most spectacular case is when a group succumbs to madness together, like a group of killers working in sync. It matters not the interval between their deaths as their product is a mountainous monstrosity. This being is like a walking mountain of jagged features that lives to hear the agony and death cries of those crushed underfoot, and the terror of those who have yet to die. It's face is like a cracked carving across a rock face as their back sports 2 or more jagged peaks. The number of peaks are proportionate to the number of people the group consisted of, and ultimately how powerful the minion is. An entire cult driven to madness can make one of the most powerful of these minion types, also the largest
Void Essence
severe insurgencies by the void causes some of its presence to bleed into the dimension under the insurgency from everyday shadows. This substance crawls along the ground beelining for the dead, dying, and husks of warmachines and man. Any life still left is quickly snuffed when a small blob catches on and grows over the body/husk. It dissolves into the body and then regrows any missing parts of the machine/man it assumed control over with the gelatinous form of the goo, regrowing missing limbs with a twisted substitute and reattaching separated parts with an elastic connection. An assimilated Warhound Titan isn't a pretty sight and it can be just as deadly as its past life. Sometimes long lashing tentacles spout from holes in the victim that existed before assimilation or made during it. The goo itself is tough to put down let alone when it snags a host. Fully healthy individuals and functioning warmachines are typically immune to the goo's intentions but when enough build up they can suffocate entire people to make their vessels and overrun entire machines, these are extreme cases though, and blow them apart small enough and they'll dissipate into nothingness


Messiah of Darkness
He is the greatest servant of Dark Shadow and his only son, He travels time and space to harvest souls for his father, empowering himself along the way. His tools of the trade being his claws, teeth, and bladed protrusions and wings, and even bone weapons. Structured like a man on the basest level, his face resembles a dragon's with a crown of horns and rows of teeth, grafted on are mandible jaws on either side of his face. His bone wings have been restructured with bladed tips and flexibility equivalent to a hand. Upon his hands and arms are long claws and bladed protrusions that parry melee attacks and eviscerate foes. His feet feature 4 talons, moderate in size but they serve when used very well, (Think Chaos Raptor) and bone plating cover the legs' flanks. Mighty powers are his to command, but limited by his vessel. Even then his powers can annihilate a planet and detonate stars.
His first death split him apart on a base level, now he is two entities coinciding as one, but either one can gain control, the body and the mind.
Known as the beast in the unity, this entity is the physical body of the balanced form and the one who takes the physical damage. When embraced the Messiah of Darkness has his mind shrouded by beastial thoughts and burning rage as his body grows, stretches, and adapts. He grows 3 stories tall and the bone wings recede, being replaced by six spines as a thick carapce grows over his back. Long tusks grows on his lower jaws and organs of fire and plasma grow along the esophagus as his crown of horns elongate. His arms split in two and regrow instantly into upper scything talons and lower claws of drastic calibers and his chest cavity rips open and regenerates into a maw lined with flesh hooks. From the shin down his feet turn into tails and a third tail grows in among them as levitation takes hold, and with a beastial roar he fully descends. A blight on countries and devastator or armies, reality bends to the beast as it warps to and fro, splitting men and armor apart and spitting the most ferocious of fires and the most volatile of plasma. Regeneration is unbelievably high, able to regrow a limbs in seconds from only a stump, defeat only being possible by destruction of every organ and most of the body (blood loss counting). When empowered by the void (or the mind) his strikes rend reality apart, creating tears in realspace equivalent to black holes momentarily even in mid air while his strikes in general are even stronger. A shroud forms around him from empowerment as well, reducing the potency of ranged attacks while it's hide is reinforced by void power, reducing impact and cutting strikes. Its silhouette becomes faded amidst the cloud and its form distorted and harder to aim at. Even without void empowerment the beast is dangerous with a host of abilities like warp blasts, time warping, dark electrical conduction and screaming orbs of plasma. Pain drivers the beast to further rage and bloodlust, the only difference from earlier being how much is left of the victims.
Known as the mind in the unity, this entity is the mind and soul of the balanced form, responsible for the dark energy attacks and a majority of the Messiah's reasoning. When embraced the blood and flesh of his form starts "burning" away, or more accurately begins converting to energy rather unnecessarily. All that's left is the skeleton engraved in unknown marks surrounded by a literal orb of aura around him entirely with his bone wings remade into many tendrils of dark energy in a mock parady of wings. Each tendril is a conduit for an attack and can even hold a massive orb of energy between them above the Messiah, often used as a threat that death is near and it is now. The skeleton form is by no means a way to harm him, the bones are just there as a conduit and a easier visual for the enemy as defeat can only claim him magically or attacks on his soul. Magic is an extension of one's soul and will, and easily absorbed by the Messiah to power himself, thus making the mind that much harder to "kill". Over his time in service he has amassed quadrillions of souls, maybe more, all from differing timelines. Multiple instances of the same soul stack together and combine their memories and their power, only to feed him more. He almost never just expel his attacks, he always channels his attacks simply because an outburst would destroy the planet right under him and everyone on it. His power is like the water behind a dam, casting time is like tapping the damn like a keg, while letting the energy burst forth is like blowing a hole in the dam with a lot of C4 times several million. The mind enjoys seeing the enemy struggle to defeat him before he wipes them out.
Goredrinker- an organic chainsword of bone and muscle, it's the smaller of the sibling weapons for the Messiah. It sports 2 rows of teeth on a band of muscle that easily chew into armor and flesh, long service with its wielder has it learned when to spin up to full, only spinning faster when digging into flesh, feasting. Outside of striking the blade hums quietly like a person patiently waiting. The tip of the weapon sport 2 fangs on either side of the band used for glancing slashes or outright impaling. The handguard is a large protrusion of spiked bone and along the shaft 2 black gems akin to eyes on both sides (equalling 4) are imbedded. Little bone spikes run along the blade next to the band of muscle, pointing towards the handguard as to dig into the victim if they try to back off when hit and even tear a bit of them off. The blade is open on the top and bottom of it.
Limbsplitter- an organic chainaxe similar to Goredrinker, this weapon is the larger of the siblings used by the Messiah. Like it's sibling the band of muscle sports 2 rows of teeth, albeit larger and more pronounced with spiked bone protrusions running along the exposed band of muscle. When idle it too hum but louder and easily revs up to full throttle and being swung, spinning harder as it drinks from the victims viscera. Often used for dismemberment, this weapon has hacked off many limbs and pulped many heads. 2 black gems in total flank both sides of the axe head, the back of said head having 3 bone spikes jutting out and the handle having a row of spikes travelling down it's length to the handle. The gems on both siblings flash a malign purple light when they rev up for a powerful strike that could easily split mechs open or even in half

The Soul Plague
This servant is rather unorthodox. he is the fragment of Dark Shadow and incredibly powerful as a result. despite his own power he waits for the host to sacrifice himself to spawn him. The Messiah of Darkness may summon him as well, bringing his host to his location then feeding him dark energy to ignite him and spawn his physical form through the death of the host. His very body is a weapon of mass destruction in it's own subtle majesty. Muscular and fast he makes short work of all who meet him in combat. With every injury Void Essence spills from his wounds, reanimating the dead around him and building up to drown the living. The reanimated pursue and kill all that move as they withstand all but the heaviest of punishments, spreading their vile cargo with all they meet all for the Soul Plague. All his bodily fluids are comprised of Void Essence, working for his betterment on the battlefield, fueling him and turning his enemies against each other forcibly. none ever know if he can be felled, for the tidal wave of Void Essence stop any from finding out.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-02-24, 15:30

I'm confused as to what this is, what do you plan to do with it, because it looks interesting
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-02-24, 17:04

That's the thing. With his reign on the multiverse his minions are drawn from all the realms, including our own if he exists. Anyway there is no plan for him but his ability for his presence to appear anywhere makes for an interesting possibility
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-03-16, 15:31

Update 1
-added a new minion
-added character section
-the Prophet has been added
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-03-26, 13:58

Update 2
-Added a Realm section
-Expanded on Dark Shadow's Information
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-07-27, 06:28

Update 3
-Added on Information Panel
-Small tweaks to Prophet's Bio
-Added new character: Soul Plague
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-07-28, 02:25

So if I was to shoot Mr. Soul Plague with a Wave Motion Gun......
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-07-28, 02:35

(you glorious bastard I had to look it up)
thinking about it the dark goo may not escape before being obliterated, as for him himself you're going to have to sustain the beam on him. maybe for a minute, maybe not. he's not going to go quietly in such a fraction of time
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-07-28, 02:38

( :P )

Okay, *Points to the Wave motion gun being used to blow up asteroids...or was it a moon?*
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-07-28, 02:39

either way you have to defeat him spiritually if he's to remain gone, destroying his physical form only denies him bloodshed
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-07-28, 02:42

Ohh, alright.
How do you do that?
Apart from possibly an omega level pariah or the emperor, there isn't a way to destroy the soul/spirit
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2015-07-28, 02:57

simply put he's a spiritual parasite, always infesting a man's soul and mind, only to pass unto the next when his host dies. if the host's spirit can defeat him on the mental plane he's subdued and the host can decide his next host. it is much harder to defeat him then to subdue him
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2016-04-21, 23:58

Overhaul Update
-many things have changed between the last time and now, revisions and reimaginings
-the origin story was touched up and now coincides with everything established
-information panel revisited and changed up
-Dark Goo renamed to Void Essence
-the Prophet renamed Messiah of Darkness
-new forms for the Messiah
-new weapons for the Messiah
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   2016-12-17, 09:42

Rather then edit that wall again I shall write one anew, more has been chopped and reimagined

The Void and its Persona
"You all live such quick lives, how does it feel being so ignorant?"
The Void is an entity that always has been and always will be present, an uncaused cause just like the Great Creator, or God as many others know him. The Void manifests into powerful persona's, for now it is known as Dark Shadow, and he is the Void's heart. Second in power only to the Great Creator, Dark Shadow pursues balance between the multiverse with a select few occasions, preventing the natural borders between universes from collapsing on their own without a sufficient influence by an outlier, or outside force.

"You seek to make a name for yourself amidst your fellow specks, creation forbid your name reaches us"
Dark Shadow doesnt just keep balance, but records history as it is seen and remembered across the multiverse, using the memories of the deceased to keep an accurate account of history, as for the minds of the deceased, they don't remain sane for long trapped in his realm. If Dark Shadow was ever to be killed, the Void would recoil and withdraw into its own mass to recover. when this happens the boundaries of the multiverse collapse into a single universe, and since a new universe is born with every outcome of a decision, the surge in mass in a single point of space would be disastrous. One example would be an entire ring of earth's around the sun, just a solid ring of rock around a compounding sun right before it detonates. Ultimately this would bring about unprecedented gravity, black holes everywhere, etc. It'll all crash down once more into the singularity that preceded the Big Bang with a little help from the Void as it tries to feed and recover.

"We do what we must so that you can all continue your lives without consequence or worry"
In the Void power stays the same, it never goes anywhere meaningful. In real space power shifts and multiplies in strange ways, leading to more powerful entities later on. Left alone this would eventually spawn a god under the Creator that is more powerful than the Void's persona, leading to it being a matter of time before this god makes a power move and tries to seize the Void for themselves. As such Dark Shadow seeks souls to absorb, be it from mortals or gods, to increase his own power and to ensure that the multiverse won't end any time soon or ever. However as per mutual understanding Dark Shadow can't just completely wipe out a universe in one stroke himself, or won't, so he's created an entity, his 'son' to systematically wipe out all soul-bearing life, the Messiah of Darkness, collateral being of no concern and only targeting universes he's pointed towards. However if an individual discovers the Void and gives themselves over to it they'll be sheltered from reality and given whatever world they wish to mold, in exchange their soul will be leeched from for power in proportion for how much they're using versus not using.

Only two independent entities have been made thus far from Dark Shadow, the Messiah of Darkness and Soul Plague. The Messiah acta as his agent in reality, harvesting souls and splitting them apart, giving the majority of the power to the Void while the rest defaults to him increasing his own power. Soul Plague was created as an observer and sleeper agent in reality, observing cultures, mannerisms, and all the intricacies of life, the side effect being his over bearing presence drives his hosts to insanity.

Denizens of the Void
Most denizens are a vessel of memories from lives past, each one unique in that they are an amalgamation of every instance of a single person across the multiverse, this often leads to wildly conflicting personalities and memories, with the Void easily able to pick them apart but the vessels being incapable of distinguishing themselves apart. In the Void they're but only black skeletons, but once they enter real space are they restored to their original forms... Mostly. The Void leaves its mark on all who dwell there, from scars ripped open with a black 'blood' underneath to entire sections of their body replaced by a twisting parody of what was. Killing such a denizen in real space is laborious as any wound inflicted is stitch back together by the Void Essence, even splitting one clean in half is not permanent. But when one takes enough damage do they fall violently, ripping a temporary black hole where they stood, with other denizens unaffected by the anamoly. What's more this corruption can be extended to whatever tools were used by the denizen in their previous life, entire star vessels slipping into real space from the Void with their damned pilots at the helm. With such a versatile force one need only ask for it if their own power is insufficient for their plans or purposes.

Soul Plague
"I have seen plenty of things in my time, I may as well have written a book on everything"
Created as a sleeper agent and to observe the living universe at large (per instance), Soul Plague is one of the most powerful, if the most docile, servant of the Void. His true form being a rarity, Soul Plague is a parasite of an individual's soul, feeding on the soul and the mind over a long period of time. Most often lingering in madmen or those going down that path, Soul Plague watches the outside world whilst simultaneously slowly feeding power to the Void. To beat him is a gamble and a spiritual feat worthy of praise, for failure can mean the death of the host and those involved. A formidable opponent, he works by a code, if the host can defeat on the spiritual plane Soul Plague will halt all deterioration of the host and linger, waiting for his current host to pick him a new host. However to banish Soul Plague requires further effort, a lot more effort. If Soul Plague can gain enough power he can escape or consume his current host and achieve his true form

True Form
"I've reduced entire planets into raving hordes of decomposing bodies, you will fare no better!"
An inside out creature with black bones lining his entire body and vile skin as red as fresh blood, Soul Plague is a menace to champions and armies alike as death is no escape. The blood that pumps through his veins is pure, concentrated Void Essence, which in itself is sentient to a small degree. The Void Essence naturally attracts to the dead or dying, naturally more effective at assimilating organic being than machines. Bodies infected by the essence need only a small amount to rise from their rest. The blood is replaces by this black tar-like substance and lost limbs or flesh is either reattached or regrown in a twisted parody. Once the essence infects a host the body must be utterly destroyed and the essence completely blasted into droplets before it dissipates. Soul Plague operates as a hive mind when it comes to his essence, able to remotely control it with his thoughts and to guide the assimilated to do his bidding. To fall to Soul Plague is to condemn your allies as champions became nigh unkillable juggernauts and whole armies become an unstoppable horde. Once released and rampaging few could ever stop Soul Plague. With his insane endurance, leeching attacks, and his very blood a tool for his success only absolute power could stop him, and even then he'll infect your soul.

Messiah of Darkness
"When you're as powerful as I am, deception and lies mean nothing, it's always interesting how people dismiss my honesty. And if you do get as powerful as I am, my father has a few choice words for you"
Created to empower Dark Shadow and the Void itself by slaughtering life and harvesting those who bears souls, this Messiah is out to ensure the balance of power stays where it is. At this point in time however there are two reasons why he's visiting a universe, he's there to harvest all souls or take a vacation because too many instances are harvesting at any one time. With Quintillions to his kill count and a fragment of all of those souls burning inside him he's unintentionally become a god, and 3rd strongest in the multiverse since a lot of gods have died to him personally. His power is never invested in one instance, rather it's all focused into a core in the Void, with each instance drawing upon its ungodly reserves to complete whatever task the messiah plans to accomplish. Whether it be annihilate a planet all the way to its core, blow up a star, or protect certain individuals because he's tagging along and just derails the plot whenever he feels like it and makes new plot. All in all he's a monstrous looking entity that's either present to kill everyone or make everyone feel insignificant and underpowered as he just roflstomps them on a whim with little risk or effort.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shadow and his realm   

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Dark Shadow and his realm
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