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PostSubject: Perspective   2016-07-21, 18:17


"It is a fine day", Narciccus thought... The sun was high in the sky, the sky was probably clear of clouds, judging by the amount of light hitting its leaves, and the ground was comfortably humid... The others near it agreed, their scent indicating their content. Yes, it was a fine day indeed... Until it started noticing something different... The scent of trouble brewing, carried by the gentle breeze that was oh so pleasant until just a moment ago, but now somehow turned chilly and hostile all of a sudden...
It recognized this scent... It was that of impending doom, its fellows crying warnings as strong as they could... Not as if it would help, if one of the Collectors comes again... They could not move, the Collectors could... It knew tales of their previous passings... They left thousands dead, their corpses littering the ground for weeks... Entire fields reduced to nothing but grass...
The smell of death was close now, and closing still. Worse still, was what they did with the corpses they took with them... They were lugged around all over the place, their death announced to all their brethren... Some thought it was to strike fear into them, others that they used the corpses in some mating ritual... That they used dozens, sometimes hundreds, or even more dead just to impress someone... It was not sure about either... It sounded too absurd
It could feel the vibrations now, closing in... Narcissus was afraid... These...beasts, were extremely dangerous... Some even tried developing poisons to deter them but they were then targeted first... Maybe they did actually succeed and were wiped out to eliminate the threat...
It could feel something touching its stalk...then grasping it strongly, pulling it... Thats how they did it, tearing their victims in two while it was still alive... Then as it felt its body giving in, everything stopped...


Bob stuck the freshly picked flower into Juliet's hair, saying "Flower for the flower", and the two of them continued walking across the field...
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