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 Triangulum Initiative

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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Triangulum Initiative   2016-12-01, 04:30

Welcome to the Triangulum Initiative, a sister organisation to the Andromeda Initiative.
You have been chosen because of your knowledge and skill in your respective fields.

Much like Andromeda this is a one way trip, and all of your who volunteered are the best and brightest of this generation.
It will be you who lights the way, discovering new planets, new life, new wonders of the universe.

You will be traveling to the Triangulum Galaxy, located 2.7 million lightyears away. Your journey will take 618 years, and when you arrive you will be alone.
Your objective will be to survey new worlds, explore the galaxy, find new races and interact with them.

The first 4 arks will contain Asari, Humans, and Turians. These will be followed 6 months later by the Quarians, Volus, Salarians, and other volunteers. Each in their own arks.
Scientists from their respective races have already located potential habitable planets for each of your races, your initial objective will be to rendezvous with your partner arks and then survey each planet before establishing colonies.

Know this, you will be alone. We don't know what you will find, but all of us believe in your abilities.

Good luck.
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: Triangulum Initiative   2016-12-01, 05:19

In orbit around Luna base, 4 completed Ark ships lay in wait. The selected volunteers for each having just left their final briefing. Now all that is left is saying goodbye to the galaxy they call home. Some will cry, others will smile. Each individual has their own way of coping. But a mix of both fear and optimism permeates the room.
Ark picture:

The Nexus(Basically the central hub zone...citadel basically) has already departed and will arrive a week before the arks.

Nexus picture:

OOC: Feel free to start chaps.
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: Triangulum Initiative   2016-12-09, 21:47

At the request of the Human nation state of Great Britain the Human arks will be accompanied by 4 warships to act as point defence and security. As such they have been assigned the role of colonial defence. Whilst industrial matters will be lead by their Continental American counterparts.

SSV Ark Royal, a small armoured carrier. Cheaper than its dreadnought sized counter parts this vessel is both smaller and carries fewer craft. It makes up for this with cruiser like mobility and heavy armour.
SSV Emerald, an experimental cruiser designed purely for use in the Triangulum Initiative.(Meaning it doesn't follow typical Systens alliance naming protocol)
SSV Pilleth, Agincourt, Salamanca, and Balaklava. All 4 vessels are human designed frigates. There is nothing really special about them.

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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: Triangulum Initiative   2016-12-10, 06:59

As this Initiative had less initial funding, it has had to go to individual nations and businessmen for funding. Because of this each donor has a modicum of control over the project.

For example Great Britain has used its influence to gain control of colonial defence and security. Along with political power through the number of colonists they sent.

The Contintinental Americas has used its influence to provide industrial support and control local colonial defence, once again with a large proportion of political power due to population.

Seeing the other nations exerting their influence China attempted to assert itself and failed. Resulting in minimal political influence with a proportionally small amount of native colonists.

The European Union focussed much of its resources on the Andromeda initiative and as such only Europe based corporations like Messerschmitt have provided funding.
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Chapter Master Arken


PostSubject: Re: Triangulum Initiative   2016-12-10, 08:11

Messerschmitt Corporation Colonial Expedition

Funded by the revived Messerschmitt Corporation, the second of the human Triangulum galaxy expeditions stands out against its British counterpart. Where the British came ready for war, the Germans came ready to build a new home (only 2 frigates were assigned to the Messerschmitt Ark). The Messerschmitt Corporation sent their expedition with a surplus of building materials and the requisite tools. Although light in terms of military equipment and the basics for creating more, the colonists will be sent with everything needed to quickly create a large industrial base that would allow for rapid colonization of other planets as well as the production of aircraft and warships with which to defend them.

Colonial Leaders:

Expedition Leader - Captain Rolf Emmerich, former German Navy and former Messerschmitt plant manager

Military Leader - Colonel Adelaide Jurgen, former Bundeswehr

Science Officer - Doctor Alvin Schreiber, head of the colonial science division with a PHD in physics and a degree in engineering

Industrial Magnate - Emily Brandt

Colonial Equipment Manifest:

2 frigates, Teutoburg and Arnheim

Materials and tools necessary to create a strong industrial base, as well as an aircraft and ship industry, only the most basic pieces for a military industry, mostly small arms, field equipment, and light field vehicles for patrol purposes

2 brigades worth of equipment for light mechanized units

2 squadrons of ground attack craft (VTOL gunships and ground attack jets)

2 squadrons of multi-role jet fighters
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PostSubject: Re: Triangulum Initiative   2016-12-10, 09:11

OOC. ...so.,.. i guess galaxy divided is officially dead now?

CEO of Nazamroth Industries World Domination Inc.
N.I. - The world will not conquer itself.
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Sir BushWookie


PostSubject: Re: Triangulum Initiative   2016-12-11, 01:29

OOC: No, this is just me trying to become relevant since o do precisely fuck all on the site.
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PostSubject: Re: Triangulum Initiative   

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Triangulum Initiative
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