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 The Storm Shikari

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Storm Shikari

The Storm Shikari Storm_11The Storm Shikari Storm_10

Basic Data

Founding Chapter: White Scars
Founding: Fourth Founding
Chapter Master: Darius Arash
Homeworld: Barasingha Fleet based
Colours: Purple with crimson shoulder pads
Specialty: Fast attack
Battle Cry: We are the oncoming storm!


Following the War of the Beast, the High Lords deemed it necessary to commission a chapter dedicated to culling the Xenos attacking the Imperium's sacred territories, thus in 888.M32 the Storm Shikari were put into active service.
Their first Khan, Great Khan Jahan Kaveh, served under Jaghatai Khan during the days of the Heresy and since had rose to Khandom of the Tulwar Brotherhood in the White Scars.
The Chapters homeworld Barasingha was a lush jungle planet, the trees dwarfing those of ancient Terra, with abundant wildlife that made excellent game for human, initiate and astartes alike.
The feudal humans, seperated in their wooded kingdoms by great jungles began to whisper the same superstitions, of forest spirits who slaughtered wayward hunters and worse, the spirits of those wayward hunters trapped within their rotted carcasses, their very bones blackened wandered the forests, seeking prey.

752.M34 The world of Barasingha fell with half the chapter, the only records of the battle claims Eldar of the Craftworld Alaitoc had descended onto the planet whilst the Chapter forces had been dealing with the combined assault of Exodite Eldar and an unknown xenos threat, nothing was left of the planet when the relief force finally arrived.
With their homeworld gone, the chapter had no choice but to regroup, turning to Forgeworld Taruca, over seen by Magos Eld.

After much negotiation, Great Khan Kir Cyrus had struck a bargain with Magos Eld, in exchange for an ancient relic of the Chapter, the Parthinian Serpent, the Forgeworld would assist in the rebuilding of the chapter, Eld pulling the strings of his status to shipwrights, the munitorum and those of the biologis to assist in bringing the Shikari back to its former glory.
In honour of this service and as a means of added protection to the relic, Kir Cyrus decreed the terminators of the Keshig Brotherhood would remain upon Taruca in Eld's service should he ever need stout defenders.

Their chapter renewed, they set off on a crusade through the stars, vengeance searing in the Khans hearts, their bloody swath cut from Segmentum Tempestus to Ultima, driving no less than nine and a half dozen war-faring xenos species to extinction.

Combat Doctrine and Organisation

The chapter follow the teachings of their parent chapter with reverence but since the fall of Barasingha, has evolved and has strayed even further from the Codex Astartes.
As opposed to ten Companies, the Shikari maintain nine, with the Keshig Brotherhood deployed on Taruca and constantly on Deathwatch rotation.
The concept of the tenth company has since been split-up, the responsibility of training recruits falling upon the 7th, 8th and 9th companies.

These companies act as a recon force for the remainder of the chapter, their ships far further ahead of the fleet than their brothers.
It is their responsibility to relay information back to the fleet, as well as undermine the enemy efforts by any means possible, sabotage being a popular tactic as well as hit and run raids.
This is done to allow the initial lightning strike of the chapter to hit the hardest, providing the anvil for the hammer of the remaining chapter.
This forges the initiates into hardened warriors, working alongside their brothers to truly learn what it is that an astartes is capable of.

Even fully fledged marines of the reserves aren't considered fully graduated brothers until they leave the 7th, 8th or 9th, their only chance to leave is to have another take his place, likely his apprentice.
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The Storm Shikari
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